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REIKO JOURNALS is an offspring of the REIKO CENTER FOR ACADEMIC RESEARCH AND DEVEVELOPMENT. Its membership comprises of African and American Scholars in various Universities. The center decries the prevalent and perennial poverty and under-development in the sub-Saharan African countries and in the entire third world and designs a vision to provide intellectual potentials development opportunities to strengthen the micro and macroeconomic institutions in such countries....


Reiko International Journal of Social and Economic Research (RIJSER). The Editorial Board of Reiko International Journal of Social and Economic Research (RIJSER) accepts articles from the Faculties of Humanities and Social and Environmental sciences across the globe. Such articles should be modeled to cover academic disciplines like Anthropology, cultural Studies, demography, Economics, environmental Studies, ethnography, geography, history, mass communication, political science Sociology and linguistics. For an article to be accepted for publication in the journal, such article must be in the form of original manuscript which addresses Social Science or Cultural issues from either interdisciplinary or multidisciplinary point of view and such issue or issues must elicit veritable insight and promote understanding of various problems confronting the contemporary society of its focus. RIJSER is a referred Journal published four times a year namely; Fall, Winter, Spring and Summer. Articles already published in another journal will not be accepted.




Frequency of Publication:
4 Issues Per Year (Quarterly)
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